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Pilgrimage Padre Cicero Juazeiro do Norte RLCA0707.JPG
Pilgrimage to Padre Cicero statue in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceara State, northeastern Brazil - catholic pilgrims pray, ask for graces and pay vows in the base of Padre Cicero statue - they believe that passing through the narrow space between the statue´s body and the walking stick will bring luck to their lives – Padre Cicero is considered to be the patron saint of the city and a pilgrimage to this statue takes place in his honour every November, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers. Father Cicero Romao Batista, known as Padre Cícero (Crato, March 24, 1844 - Juazeiro do Norte, July 20, 1934), was a Brazilian Roman catholic charismatic priest and politician who became a spiritual leader to the people of Northeastern Brazil. In the course of his ministry, he was accused of heresy by Church officials, eventually becoming suspended but not formally excommunicated. Batista has been declared a saint by the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church and was listed in the Top 100 Greatest Brazilians of All Time in July 2012. Reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church happened in December 2015.