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Candomblé celebration at Copacabana beach - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Iemanjá celebration, the Sea Goddess, New Year festivities. African-originated or Afro-Brazilian religion, practiced chiefly in Brazil  by the "povo de santo" (people of saint). The religion is based in the anima (soul) of Nature, and is also known as Animism. It was developed in Brazil with the knowledge of African Priests that were enslaved and brought to Brazil, together with their mythology, their culture and language, between 1549 and 1888. The rituals involve the possession of the initiated by Orishas, offerings and sacrifices of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom, healing, dancing/trance and percussion. Candomblé draws inspiration from a variety of people of the African Diaspora, but it mainly features aspects of Yoruba orisha veneration.