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Fair trade fashion - sustainable development, use of natural resources for increasing income of poor families in Third World and producing of products for the fashion industry - woman produces handicrafts with capim dourado ( Syngonanthus nitens or Golden grass ),  a grass-like species of Eriocaulaceae which main characteristic is the bright and gold color, hence their common name "Capim Dourado", that literally means "golden grass". The handicrafts are made of coils of golden grass scapes sewn tightly together with strips from the Moriche Palm's (Mauritia flexuosa) young leaves. For decades the handicrafts were only made by women for household uses and/or sporadic selling. Now there are several local community associations. The handicrafts are usually sold in small shops of local artisan associations and can be found all over the country.  Region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins, Brazil, the region is part of the Brazilian cerrado.