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2015 flooding in Brazilian Amazon. Raimundo Augusto Lima, 77 (shirtless) and Genessi Rodrigues de Almeida, 84, try to fix damaged fence in flooded street in Taquari district, Rio Branco city, Acre State. One can see the flood line - brown mark in the blue stilt house. Floods have been affecting thousands of people in the state of Acre, northern Brazil, since 23 February 2015, when some of the state’s rivers, in particular the Acre river, overflowed. Further heavy rainfall has forced river levels higher still, and on 03 March 2015 Brazil’s federal government declared a state of emergency in Acre State, where current flood situation has been described as the worst in 132 years. One of the worst affected areas is the state capital, Rio Branco, where level of the Acre River reached a record 18.40 meters in early March 2015. Flood stage is thought to be 14 meters.