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Worker´s Portraits

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Museu do Amanha construction Porto Maravilha Rio de Janeiro_it2129.jpg
Museu do Amanha (Tomorrow Museum) is a museum under construction in Rio de Janeiro, a project of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava in Rio de Janeiro port Zone ( more precisely at Pier Maua) as part of the Porto Maravilha project. Porto Maravilha is a revitalization program of Rio de Janeiro city hall, with the support of the State Government and the Ministry of Tourism, which aims to requalify the "Port Area" of the city that suffered great degradation for lack of an incentive to industries and dwellings since the late 1960s. The project includes the development of the region based on the principles of sustainability, with the restructuring of streets, squares and avenues, bringing improved quality of life for current and future residents.