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Brazilian music and dancing at Morro da Mangueira ( Mangueira Favela )  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Carnival, preparation for the Samba Schools Parade. Mangueira is one of the most traditional and best supported Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. A favela is the generally used term for a shanty town in Brazil. It is generally agreed upon that the first favela to be called by this name was created in November 1897. At the time, 20,000 veteran soldiers were brought from the conflict against the settlers of Canudos, in the Eastern province of Bahia, to Rio de Janeiro and left with no place to live. When they served the Army in Bahia, those soldiers had been familiar with Canudos's Favela Hill -- a name referring to favela, a skin-irritating tree in the spurge family indigenous to Bahia, Jatropha phyllacantha (or else the related faveleira tree, Cnidoscolus quercifolius). When they settled in the Providência [Providence] hill in Rio de Janeiro, they nicknamed the place Favela hill from their common reference, thereby calling a slum a favela for the first time.