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Serra dos Órgãos is a mountain range in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was turned into a national park in 1939. It is located about a one-hour drive from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The origin of the unusual name is credited to early Portuguese settlers who thought the ensemble of the hill tops resembled the pipes of organs in European cathedrals. The Park's area is 110 km² and it has 10 peaks higher than 2000 m (6560 ft) and six other peaks over 1500 m (4920 ft) high. The highest peak is Pedra do Sino (Bell Rock), at 2263 m (7424 ft). Most famous formation in the park is the Dedo de Deus (God's Finger) rock, in the far left background of the image, which resembles a left hand with its index finger stretched, pointing towards the sky. It is 1692 m (5551 ft) high and can be seen in the background of the flag of the Rio de Janeiro state. The park is part of the larger Serra do Mar chain of mountains, and the most accepted theory about its origin is that it rose about 60 million years ago during earthquakes that caused the Andes to rise.